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Developing Skills

Despite specializing in C# and Unity Development for my third-year project, I make a point of practicing regularly in Maya LT and Substance Painter, for which I have my own commercial licenses, in order to support myself and the teams I work with in as many ways as possible. In 3D terms I would primarily consider myself a prop artist, specializing in small, detailed objects, though I have also worked on larger assignments, such as a large mechanized artillery unit. I am available for freelance assignments in Maya and/or Substance Painter. Please drop me a message via LinkedIn, Email or simply the contact form on this site. 

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Artillery Mech - University Project

The brief for this project was to produce a high-quality concept render as opposed to a game-ready model. As such, I focused on detail over optimization, resulting in a realistic render. 


Flamethrower Mech - University Project

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As a personal extension to the mech project I decided to make another mech suit, this time framed in a futuristic faux-advertising image. Whilst a lot simpler, I am very happy with this design as an extension piece, especially seeing as the topology this time is game-ready. Whilst further optimization could be done, this was once again a concept art assignment. I plan to retopologize elements of the mesh in the future for in-game use. 

MayaView Mech.JPG
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