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Freelance Work - Part-Time Only


Hi! I'm Jude. I'm a Unity Dev, C# Programmer and Consultant working out of Hemel Hempstead, UK. I'm primarily a freelancer by trade, and for three years I have been acting as the

Lead Programmer and Gameplay Designer at Lunaris Games.


I also act as a tutor at the National Film and Television School one day a week, either running workshops about game design and development, or helping students get to the bottom of particularly tough bugs and design issues. 

In my own time, I'm currently in the process of developing Compression, a survival horror game in which players use their in-game video camera to record real video footage, which they will use to solve a deadly mystery unfolding in the catacombs of Paris.


For up-to-date info on all things Compression

check out my twitter @JudeGameDev You can find all my past projects on this site, as well as contact details for business. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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