During my time at university, I have worked on several game projects, both solo and in groups. This page is a showcase of projects I have either completed, or am currently working on.

The Last Raptor

The Last Raptor was a stealth game prototype in which players take on the role of a vengeful dinosaur as she reclaims her home from a time-travelling robot army! This game would eventually see a complete redesign and become my current project, Bioraptor, which I am co-developing with a close friend of mine.

Raise The Black

Raise The Black was a playable prototype VR hack-n-slash game developed by myself and two other students. I handled all programming and Unity aspects of development, as well as assisting the other team members with technical art and PBR texturing. 


Inertia was a mobile space-themed runner game developed as a four-man student team. I handled all programming and Unity work, whilst the other group members handled art and UI. In the video clip, the player has been made invincible and levels have been shortened, to showcase all three stages.