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The projects on this page were all created as part of my university studies.


Polyraptor (originally titled The Last Raptor) was my final year project for university, a stealth game prototype in which players take on the role of a vengeful dinosaur as she reclaims her home from a time-travelling robot army! This vertical slice was an entirely solo venture, in which I was responsible for the art, design and programming of every element.


Outside of a few edge-case scenarios, I avoided using store bought plugins or assets in favour of doing as much work myself as possible, to gain an understanding of a wide range of systems and how to implement them. In particular, I was proud of the dynamic kill animations, which would change depending on the position of the player when executing a takedown. I learned an enormous amount from working on this project, and as a result I am essentially fluent in creating stealth-based game AI.

Earlier prototype gameplay showing off the cut 'predator vision' feature.


Raise The Black was a playable prototype VR hack-n-slash game developed by myself and two other students, Dan Marian and Karolina Dudek, during my studies at UCA. I handled all programming and Unity aspects of development, as well as assisting the other team members with technical art and PBR texturing.


I was responsible for learning how to integrate the HTC Vive into Unity, which proved quite a challenge given that consumer VR was still in its first year of availability at the time, and the developer tools were still in beta. I was also responsible for figuring out how to achieve good hit feeback and collision detection when using VR swords, setting up a complex animator tree so that enemies could respond to hits from different directions visually. Additionally, a notable tech art contribution of mine was the pictured section of the pirate ship, which I textured in substance painter. Were I to re-approach this work now with the benefit of years of experience, there is much I would change, but I am still proud of what we achieved during only our second year of a three year university course.



Inertia was a mobile space-themed runner game developed as a four-man student team - Myself, William Cooley, Hayden Wakeling and Malik Nieto. I handled all programming and Unity work, whilst the other group members handled art and UI. In the video clip, the player has been made invincible and levels have been shortened, to showcase all three stages. While I feel some of the art implementation could have been slightly better, I am overall very satisfied with what we accomplished on this short, high-intensity university module.

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