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Since I work full-time on paid freelance work, I only get evenings and weekends to work on personal projects. That being said, I still make sure to find the time to work on ideas that I am passionate about and hone my craft. Below are a collection of ongoing projects and smaller experiments.






Compression is my main passion project. It is an ongoing labour of love which has been in active development for 2 years, during evenings and weekends. It is a survival horror game with a unique twist; players can take video recordings using their in-game camera, and then re-watch those recordings to cause shifts and changes to the game's environment. Below you can see some prototype footage of the game's various mechanics in action, as well as some assets I created for the game.


During breaks from working on Compression, I decided I needed something more simple and instantly gratifying to work on. As such, I began work on a small FPS prototype, with AI inspired by the replica soldiers from FEAR, able to communicate with each other and make some strategic decisions about when to attack, retreat, flank etc. 


Below is a collection of things I have made and either a) been unable to finish or develop further due to time constraints, b) were never intended to be more than a fun side-experiment or c) simply did not work out in the way I had hoped and therefore were discontinued. 

For a while, I considered remaking 'Polyraptor' and developing it into a full release. The project ultimately fizzled out due to time constraints and professional commitments, but I am still very pleased with the animator controller I set up for the raptor, which was modelled and animated by my friend and colleague Dan Marian.

A while ago I began development on an arcade mech shooter. This project is currently on-hold, but I intend to return to it someday. 

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